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Banishing Burnout in the Sexuality Field

by Amy Jo Goddard

Last week I wrote about a big pitfall that’s keeping many sexuality professionals stuck: this idea that success is “magically going to happen”.

Today I want to share the second mindset trap with you, and believe me, this one is absolutely shocking in how insidious it is.
Here are some things you might have heard (or even said yourself):

- You can’t make money as a sex educator.

- Money isn’t important — our work is too valuable in the world.
- You shouldn’t want to make a lot of money in this field.
Do you see the theme?

It has to do with shame and martyrdom. Believing that our work is “so valuable,” people shouldn’t have to pay for it is what keeps MANY of us in the field struggling to pay our bills and living on the edge of burnout.

Trust me, I know — that used to be a reality for me. I KNOW these lies aren’t true and I’ve figured out just how possible it is to make money, feel good about the work I’m doing and create the business I really want, in service to people in the world. What if we all did that? How would that change the face of sexuality on a global scale? It boggles my mind to conceive of how big that would be.

The truth is, our work IS really valuable, and that’s exactly why we deserve to get paid well for it. But if we don’t commit to unearthing these insidious beliefs around money, we’ll stay stuck in the same old cycles.

I believe that sexuality and money are fundamentally connected, and I think that as sex educators, we’re actually missing a huge piece of the puzzle when we ignore the connection and make choices that leave us financially disempowered.

I’m offering a 75-minute call next week on this topic that I’d REALLY like to invite you to. It’s called the 10 Ways that Sex and Money Are Connected, and I’m going to be sharing a pretty radical perspective about money that has the potential to shift the financial landscape of our field. And I’m really excited to share it with you… because the more we empower ourselves financially, the more we can grow our field, broaden our message, and reach the people who need our work.

Here’s the info on the call:

 The 10 Ways Sex and Money Are Connected

September 4 at 8pm EST

Click here to register instantly

I really hope to see you there.
Amy Jo

P.S. If you can’t make it live on the 4th, there will be other opportunities to listen in – click here to register and get more information about future airings:

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