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About Amy Jo

When I was an aspiring sexuality professional, there was no Internet, and resources were few and far between. It was not easy to figure out where to get my education and how to develop my sexuality career.

Over the years, eager young sexuality students and people starting in the field have written to me asking for support on their journeys. I used to write generous responses filled with resources to each person who contacted me, as I wanted to return the mentoring I had generously received from so many incredible people. It got to a point where I couldn’t personally connect with every person, and I began to dream of some kind of program that would address that need for mentorship and help the sexuality field itself to grow.

In the 16+ years I have been in the sexuality field, I have watched it explode with new academic programs, while others disappeared or were shut down—including the program at NYU where I attained my Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education.

I entered the field of sexuality with many goals, and that diversity of interest has stayed with me throughout my career, a time in which I’ve been able to achieve those goals and constantly create new ones. My career has taken many paths, offering me wide experiences in educating teens, adults, couples, service providers, college students, medical professionals, medical students, G/L/B/T/Q people, people of color, elementary school students and people in recovery communities. I have had extremely diverse experiences with education, training, advocacy, activism, writing, consulting, coaching, and blogging. I have been mentored by some of the most incredible feminists and sexuality professionals in the world and I own my own business.

I thrive on creating environments that foster growth and in assisting people in having the delicious sex and relationships they desire. I believe that healthy, non-violent, fulfilling relationships are a key to changing the world.

I have taught academic courses relating to sexuality at the City University of New York and the University of California at Santa Barbara. I have taught breast and pelvic exams to medical/nursing students for ten years and am director/producer of the forthcoming documentary, At Your Cervix, a film that depicts this work (

I have worked at community-based organizations like Planned Parenthood and GMHC, I have taught sexuality in public schools in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in New York City, I have worked as a sexuality curriculum writer and training consultant, and I have developed numerous sexuality programs and training initiatives.

In 2010, Go! Magazine named me one of “100 Women We Love.” I am co-author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men and a contributing author of All About Sex: A Family Resource Guide on Sex and Sexuality. My research article about queer performance artists and activism was published in 2007 in the Social Justice Journal and I have been published in numerous other publications. I was host of CherryBomb dot com’s web stream program “Fresh Advice,” developing, researching, writing and performing over 60 episodes on women’s sexuality.

Currently, I maintain a sex & relationship coaching practice and travel to colleges, universities, communities, and conferences teaching workshops and speaking about sexuality. I facilitate my Women’s Sexually Empowered Life 6-month Program in New York City and can be found blogging about all things sexual that make me tingle, laugh, or scream at