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Welcome to SPECTRA, a feminist sexuality professional mentorship program for Sex Positive Educators, Counselors, Coaches, Therapists, Researchers, Activists and Advocates. This program supports sexuality professionals who work with adults, youth, college students or other professionals.

SPECTRA will benefit people working for community-based organizations or schools, people who own their own businesses and work as consultants, people who identify as coaches, sexological body workers, bloggers, independent educators or people who teach in colleges and universities.

SPECTRA is an online resource for anyone in search of sex-positive professionals and organizations, and it exists to serve the dynamic needs of sexuality professionals—newcomers and seasoned experts alike.

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The sheer amount of information online regarding sex and sexuality can be overwhelming. SPECTRA was born out of the realization that sexuality professionals need a place to come together to learn, to get support, to network, to develop their skills, and to have the ongoing critical conversations that get lost in the busy routines of our lives and careers.

Recognizing that connection and dialogue with our peers are essential to the integrity and development of our individual work, SPECTRA was created both to support the work of independent professionals and to help the sexuality field itself flourish.

We in the sexuality field need to do some work on how we present what we do and how we frame the public conversation about sexuality. To do that, we need space to discuss and strategize so that we can strengthen what we do in the world and improve our careers and livelihoods as we help people improve their lives.

The conversation here is decidedly feminist and will challenge you to do what you do well, better, and to consider new perspectives that will help you expand your capabilities and access your full potential as a sexuality professional.

Most of us entered the sexuality field because we wanted to help people and may not have considered what it means to make money doing what we love. You can absolutely have both. SPECTRA is here to support you in developing your sexuality career and making more money doing what you love, whether you do it full-time or part-time. It will connect you to other individuals who will enhance your life and your professional projects.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and in your career?
Are you ready to take yourself more seriously so that your potential clients or employers will too?

As a sexuality professional, it’s important to walk your talk. You have to do your own work in order to help others do theirs. You cannot effectively lead someone through a process you yourself have not experienced. If you want to teach others and get them to invest in their sexuality, you’ve got to develop your own capacity and invest in yourself. You can only take people as far as you yourself have gone.

I could not have developed this program 10 or 15 years ago. It would have been inauthentic and premature. Today, I can stand in the diversity of my own sexuality experiences, my wide-ranging career, my own education, my self-transformation and my business development and say, “Yes, I’m ready to help others follow their vision because I have indeed followed mine.”

I invite you to join me on this journey. I want to see you develop your career, your ability to profoundly change lives, your business and yourself. One of my coaches says that the opportunity you need is always right before you—the question is, will you say “Yes” to it?

If you’ve landed on our website, I’m guessing, this is, for you, a ripe opportunity. I hope you will say “Yes” and join me in the SPECTRA community.

Yes. Yes! YES!

Amy Jo Goddard
SPECTRA Founder & Professional Mentor