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About the SPECTRA Team

  Jill Grimaldi is an intern with SPECTRA, focusing in social media and design. She is excited to be a part of the SPECTRA team since the organization combines her two biggest passions – feminism and sexuality  education – into one, wonderful community.


Sarah Lemons is a Sexuality Consultant & Educator based in chilly New England. Current involvement includes being an advocate for sexual assault survivors, working with at-risk adolescent women, and being a support for transgender partners. Sarah is also a blogger, craft-nerd, and contributor of a monthly kink style column.


Desiree Mwalimu is a New York City-based artist, writer, mother, Reiki practitioner, and sacred sexuality teacher who is joyfully devoted to being of service through her work. She brings a passion for the Divine Feminine principle and the experiences of women in the African Diaspora to the strength of the SPECTRA team. Her approach to teaching is rooted in viewing sex and sexuality from a Tantric/Taoist perspective. Desiree’s workshops are juicy, soul-filled, intimate gatherings, that give the ’101′s’ on how to embrace sexual identity as a tool for spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

Lynn Pegues, educator and independent researcher, has joined the SPECTRA team.  Lynn is currently pursuing a Masters in Gender Diversity and is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.  As an intern, Lynn hopes to grow as sexuality professional through meaningful collaboration, insightful dialogue, and astute guidance.  Thankfully, this and more can be achieved by SPECTRA’s mission and vision.

Leonore Tjia is an online business manager with extensive experience supporting feminist entrepreneurs and organizations. She is passionate about helping pioneering entrepreneurs in the sexuality field to grow their businesses, help more people and expand the greater cultural conversation around sex and sexuality, and she is excited to co-create more connection and dialogue between sexuality professionals of all sorts. She lives in New York and is working on learning her fourth language.