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Erotic Imagination and Play

by Esther Perel March 13, 2013

Erotic Imagination and Play challenges and subverts the established order. Introduces discontinuity into reality and our usual way of understanding the world. It breaks the constrictedness caused by the oppression of everyday experience. The creative imagination is a transitional space. Tweet

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Is Your Business Sexy?

by Darla LeDoux March 8, 2013

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about “sex energy” as the creative energy of all geniuses. I talk a lot about your Genius… knowing what it is and how to be in the energy state to access it regularly so you can offer it to the ideal clients. Accessing your creative knowing about […]

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Does your sexuality business have values?

by SPECTRA March 6, 2013

We were inspired to share this article by Suzanne Evans, a renowned entrepreneur and business coach, because we believe it’s very important to incorporate a clear list of values into your vision for your business. It’s especially important for sexuality entrepreneurs who work outside the formal structure of a parent company, academic institution or non-profit, […]

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Are You Creating “Safe Space” or “Risk-takers’” Space In Your Sexuality Work?

by Amy Jo Goddard November 2, 2012

This week I published this article, “Hurricane Sandy Just Had a Great Big Orgasm”. I invite you to read it and tell me what YOU think as a sexuality professional. I invite you to read it below and tell me what YOU think as a sexuality professional, because some of my readers were honestly offended. They […]

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Many Shades of Gray: Reclaiming ‘Humanistic’ Sex Therapy

by Pamela Madsen September 13, 2012

After scanning the literature on the human relationship with sex, I have come up with this very deep and profound conclusion: “Sex is hard”. And it may very well be the gateway for us humans to being whole. It is the one part of us that is very difficult to isolate. Blame it on our […]

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Why Do Girls Slut-Shame Each Other?

by Rachel Rabbit White September 10, 2012

There’s that scene in “Mean Girls” where Tina Fey, exasperated by the high school antics, shouts, “You’ve got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.” I had just graduated from high school when the movie came out and sitting in the […]

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Sex is a Skill

by Amy Jo Goddard September 7, 2012

I made my students repeat aloud “Sex is a skill,” as I was beginning the sexuality module in my college courses last week, their collective voices paired with open and uncomfortable grins. Tweet

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Striving for Pleasure Without Fear: Short-Term Effects of Reading a Women’s Magazine on Women’s Sexual Attitudes

by Janna L. Kim and Monique L. Ward September 5, 2012

Contemporary women’s magazines are replete with scripts about sexual relationships and sexual roles for women. Our study used an experimental design to assess whether short-term exposure to a women’s magazine affected young women’s endorsement of sexual scripts commonly found in this genre, including scripts framing sexual intercourse as risky and portraying women’s sexual assertiveness as serving men’s […]

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5 Ways to Build Your List

by Suzanne Evans August 31, 2012

Think about how we keep in touch. Maybe you are a client or in a group, but mainly we stay in touch through this newsletter. I share insights of value, tell you what’s going on in my world, and keep you aware of my programs and offerings. I love my database! I feel like once […]

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In the Pursuit of Happiness, Apathy is King

by Joanna Dawson August 30, 2012

Feeling a bit patriotic this week with my version of traditional American activities: camping out, swimming in Lake Michigan, attending my last (as an Iowa resident) world-renowned Jazz Festival, and spending time outside with friends enjoying the 100+ degree heat, fireworks and the like. I hadn’t felt all “woo hoo go America” until oddly enough, […]

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