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Business Startup Checklist

by Leonore Tjia September 4, 2013

What does it take to start a business? Folks who have been there know, it often doesn’t take much, but starting things out the right way can make all the difference between success and failure. So, what does it take to start a business? What follows is very likely not an exhaustive list, but will […]

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Creating Big Change Requires Taking Big Action

by Ali Brown August 21, 2013

It makes complete sense that entrepreneurship is so attractive to women right now. The traditional work model has never been a good fit for women, especially for those raising families, so for us, being able to custom-design a business that fits the lifestyle we want is the ultimate dream. But, being an entrepreneur requires one KEY […]

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The Art of Positioning Your Brand and Why You Can’t Afford to Screw It Up

by Jim Joseph August 21, 2013

Many people have different interpretations about what brand positioning means. It’s one of those concepts that is hard to pin down, yet at the same time is so important to the success of your brand. Positioning is at the heart of your brand. It’s essentially the summation of everything your brand is about. So let’s […]

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Getting Paid — the Final Frontier

by Davis August 15, 2013

What’s the hardest part about starting your own business, or venturing out on your own? Sometimes it’s just believing in yourself enough to take the leap. Sometimes it’s figuring out exactly how to market your services or set yourself apart from the competition. But most of the time, what you hear from business owners large […]

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Too much of a good thing: Leaders need to learn to beware of their strengths

by Schumpeter June 26, 2013

IT IS only natural for leaders to try to make the most of their strengths. The theory of comparative advantage directs people, as well as countries and firms, to focus on what they are good at. Management experts have tended to concur: one of the bestselling business books of recent years is called “Now Discover […]

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What Spring Cleaning Should You Do For Your Small Business?

by Davis June 5, 2013

Can you believe it? We’re over one-quarter of the way through 2013! Before you know it we’ll be at the halfway point, staring down the barrel of another year end. It’s never a bad time to check in on your business, but Spring-with its promise of warmer weather and new clients and abundance (if you’re […]

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Five strategies to get the word out quickly about your business

by Fabienne Fredrickson March 27, 2013

Whether your business is new or you are expanding your offerings, the very first thing you want to do is let people know what you are up to. The more people who know, the better your chances of getting referrals which will help get your client pipeline flowing. Tweet

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Is Your Business Sexy?

by Darla LeDoux March 8, 2013

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about “sex energy” as the creative energy of all geniuses. I talk a lot about your Genius… knowing what it is and how to be in the energy state to access it regularly so you can offer it to the ideal clients. Accessing your creative knowing about […]

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Does your sexuality business have values?

by SPECTRA March 6, 2013

We were inspired to share this article by Suzanne Evans, a renowned entrepreneur and business coach, because we believe it’s very important to incorporate a clear list of values into your vision for your business. It’s especially important for sexuality entrepreneurs who work outside the formal structure of a parent company, academic institution or non-profit, […]

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Launch a Coaching Business: 4 Secrets for Authenticity & Success

by Suzanne Evans July 9, 2012

Something that generates a great amount of curiosity is the fact that I built my coaching business to a relatively large level of success while working a day job. People wonder how I did it so quickly and if there is a step-by-step roadmap that they can use. I’ll share my four secrets to my […]

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