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sex work

Sex and Disability

by Maia de la Baume September 11, 2013

GRENOBLE, France — In her sexual fantasies, she is a fit and impetuous blonde who dominates her male partners. In real life, she is a virgin who relies on an electric wheelchair, her body touched only by home care aides and medical personnel.“A disabled person is seen as a child,” said the woman in the […]

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New York’s Condom Bait-and-Switch

by Emily Gogolak (Village Voice) March 20, 2013

One block north of the boardwalk in Coney Island, a white van is parked on the windswept block of Surf Avenue, between West 22nd and West 23rd Streets. Just outside the van stands a young woman wearing a teal hoodie, her auburn hair pulled back into a tight bun with a few loose strands escaping […]

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Unconventional Leisure and Career: Insights into the Work of Professional Dominatrices

by DJ Williams, PhD & L. Erika Storm June 26, 2012

Abstract: Despite accumulating evidence to the contrary, consensual participation in sadomasochistic (BDSM) activities often is assumed to be related to an underlying psychopathology by many professionals and members of the general public. Tweet

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