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Freedom, Control and Commitment in American Relationships

by Esther Perel August 7, 2014

Possessiveness does not have much to do with Love. It’s really about Patriarchy. It’s about a power structure in society. Real love is the ability to let the other person go, rather than to want to own them. At most, your partner is on loan with an option to renew, but they never belong to […]

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Sex and Disability

by Maia de la Baume September 11, 2013

GRENOBLE, France — In her sexual fantasies, she is a fit and impetuous blonde who dominates her male partners. In real life, she is a virgin who relies on an electric wheelchair, her body touched only by home care aides and medical personnel.“A disabled person is seen as a child,” said the woman in the […]

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Banishing Burnout in the Sexuality Field

by Amy Jo Goddard August 27, 2013

Last week I wrote about a big pitfall that’s keeping many sexuality professionals stuck: this idea that success is “magically going to happen”. Today I want to share the second mindset trap with you, and believe me, this one is absolutely shocking in how insidious it is.   Here are some things you might have […]

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Is Sex Addiction Real?: New Findings Suggest Some People Simply Have High Sex Drives

by Anoopa Singh August 14, 2013

A new study on the brains of hypersexual people indicates that these individuals simply have a higher sex drive, and that greater desire for sex is by no means a mental disability or an addiction. “Potentially, this is an important finding,” said senior author Nicole Prause, Ph.D. “It is the first time scientists have studied the […]

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What It’s Like to Grow Up in a Culture That Doesn’t Hate Sex

by Careen Shannon August 8, 2013

 The first time I slept over at Peter’s house, we arrived so late his mom and dad were already asleep. We had a fun evening in his attic bedroom, but I was anxious when I woke up the next morning. Raised in America, I had never slept at a boyfriend’s place before. What would his […]

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Asexual Disorder? The Search For Ace Identity Is Part Recognition, Part Redefinition

by Dominique Mosbergen August 7, 2013

“Why am I asexual? I was born this way,” said Mark McClemont from his office in Reading, England. “It’s not a phase I’m growing out of, and it’s not a choice,” the 49-year-old continued, his voice pinched with agitation. “For people who say we choose to be asexual, why would anyone choose to do that? […]

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Sex Ed, 1964

by Joyce Wadler August 1, 2013

Every once in a while I read about sex ed in middle school and kids putting condoms on bananas and I feel kind of sad I missed out on this. This is not just because of the comic possibilities of condoms on bananas, actually anything having to do with bananas, but because kids today have […]

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Race Play: Hitting the Mainstream Media

by Mollena Williams July 10, 2013

As a result of the fallout from Abiola Abrams most excellent column that dealt with non-consensual race play – in which I was quoted – I was contacted by The Grio, which is a pretty big deal news outlet geared towards African-Americans.  Or Blacks. Whichever you prefer. I’m all for brevity and I like saying ”BLACK!” so I opt […]

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Maternal Communication About Sexuality: Lesbian/Queer Women of Color

by Madeleine Katz July 3, 2013

I am recruiting participants for an exciting study about the ways in which lesbian/queer mothers of color teach their children about sexuality. I would sincerely appreciate your sharing the following information about this study with your friends, family and colleagues who may fit the below criteria. WHO: I am seeking women of color who engage […]

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Porn Is Not The Problem. You Are.

by David J. Ley, Ph.D. June 12, 2013

Porn is not addictive. Sex is not addictive. The ideas of porn and sex addiction are pop psychology concepts that seem to make sense, but have no legitimate scientific basis. For decades, these concepts have flourished in America, but have consistently been rejected by medicine and mental health. The media and American society have accepted […]

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