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Here is what people are saying about SPECTRA, a place where sexuality professionals grow their careers:

“Amy Jo is a brilliant, caring, and experienced mentor. SPECTRA promises to be a fantastic opportunity for anyone in the sexuality field, and a much needed space for professionals to share knowledge and forge connections. I’d love to see the tantric community take advantage of what SPECTRA has to offer. Brava!”

Barbara Carrellas
Author, sex educator and orgasm expansionist

“When I first began making my transition from fine art to running Bodysex workshops, the sexuality field was just emerging. There were no courses, websites or mentors to share their knowledge with those of us who were just starting out. Now we have SPECTRA that offers so much to sex professionals, both new and established. My dear friend and colleague Amy Jo is an excellent mentor and facilitator. I’m confident that her new program will be a wonderful investment for anyone who decides to sign on.”

Betty Dodson,
Artist, author and PhD sexologist

“SPECTRA offers so much to sexuality professionals: a chance to connect with other mentors in the field, to network, to share resources and knowledge, and to grow your business. I am really looking forward to it and I hope you’ll say yes to this great program.”

Maria Falzone
Safer sex educator, sex education advocate and comedian

“Frequently, new sex educators and sexologists are thrown into the field and have to make it work all on their own. Finally, there is a space for all of us sexuality professionals, new and experienced, to come together to support each other and learn from one another!”

Shanna Katz
Writer, sexologist and sexuality educator

“Most of the Sex Positive Professionals I know often have to choose between doing the work they love and being able to make a living. Working in this field used to mean having to navigate it all on your own, with very little support or mentorship. While being a solo entrepreneur can feel adventurous, it can be lonely, and even sex educators need peermanship and community! SPECTRA is a great solution if you’re wanting more connection and guidance in your professional life and if you’re exhausted of trying to get your family to “get what it is that you do.” Stop feeling so alone and start having brain-sex with some of the best the sexuality field has to offer. Amy Jo is a wonderful mentor and I am honored to be part of SPECTRA.”

Reid Mihalko
Sex and relationship expert

“I have been enthusiastically awaiting SPECTRA’s debut since I first heard of it in 2011 and am so happy to see it now as it takes shape! Clearly, Amy Jo Goddard has put in much time and effort to create a community that is truly unique. The opportunities that SPECTRA provides for learning and networking are precisely what any budding—or seasoned—person in this field needs to succeed.”

Francisco Ramirez, MPH
United Nations sexuality consultant & MTV host/producer

“SPECTRA looks like it’s going to grow into a fabulous spectrum of possibilities! A win-win for everyone. Go SPECTRA! Go!”

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Artist, Author, SexEcologist

“My colleague Amy Jo Goddard has just launched an amazing new program at If you are hungry for more dialogue and connection among sexuality professionals, and you want to grow your career and help create critical conversations about the sexuality field, SPECTRA is for you!”

Tristan Taormino
Feminist author, sex educator, activist pornographic film director

“What a briliant brainchild SPECTRA is. Many thanks to Amy Jo and kudos for her wisdom and leadership, for recognizing the need and filling it. I am honored to be invited to join the SPECTRA elite along with so many sex educators I love and admire. As organizations like this one and events like Momentum Conference emerge, kickass sex-positivity with a feminist focus is coming out, and new media is our media of choice!”

Anita Wagner Illig
Polyamory advocate, coach, blogger, spokesperson and educator